Thursday, February 05, 2009

Access Blocked Websites Without Using Proxies


We are all tired of proxies which are slow and full of popups and advertisement. Seriously using a proxy for safe browsing experience is worse than having viruses. And no body need to use proxies as now Mozilla Firfox is there to help us out.

Banned From a Website Forum

While browsing statcounter i thought of using its forums. I was shocked to see that i was banned from the forums whereas i was about to use it the first time. Here is what it said

Your IP Address is Banned in the StatCounter Forum. Firstly, let us apologize. We are very sorry for any confusion or upset caused by your finding yourself banned in our forum. Unfortunately, however, we have found it necessary to implement a number of measures such as IP and email address banning to protect our forum from spam. Please note that usually a ban on your IP address is NOT a reflection on you personally, instead ranges of IP addresses which are frequently used by spammers are banned in bulk. Unfortunately, this can mean that you are inconvenienced as a result of the unscrupulous actions of some spammers. Generally, specific IP addresses or IP address ranges are banned when it is firmly established that the specific IP address or range is being used for spamming purposes. Typically an IP is blocked when more than 5 spammers from that address or range sign up to the forum within 1 hour. If you find that your IP is banned you should reset your internet connection and try to log into the forum again. Note that if you have a static IP address this solution will not work for you and you should simply contact the StatCounter Support team for further information

Anyone may be banned from a website or its forum as that website may consider your ip to be suspicious, which has also happened to me a lot of times .


So the solution is that you just view the cached version from your site in the google search. Its an option with every google search result.

Opening Websites Blocked

There is a website which actually protects a url and when its entered in the browser it redirects the url to the encoded website in it. So just encode your url there and it will be like a proxy which will not send the whole information by only the link information to the server which will let you open the site without any ads.

Some Good Working Proxies

So if the above doesn't work for you, than here is a good working list of not very annoying proxies. Some of them has ads and some don't .

Accessing Through Ip's

Just get the Ip of the website and enter it into the browser address bar. Some websites which can help you get The website's Ip are

1. Self Seo

2. Who is

3. Jaguar

4. Who Is Source

I Hope This Post Will Resolve Your Blocking Issues.


Another idea is to use a VPN solution. A free one is Cyberghost VPN . They offer a free and a paid version of their service. There are also some other inexpensive VPN providers out there. They provide you with an encrypted tunnel and change your IP address. The one I listed above gives you a German IP address so some places like would be block, but you have the added benefit of being able to access European sites that are sometimes blocked from non-Europeans. Thanks for the list of other ways as well. I do use google cache alot, especially for sites of information where it errors out or has suddenly been taken down.

Haha.. I was thinking maybe you could just share the link on the facebook and then access it. It would use a facebook link to open the site. I haven't tried but it should work :)

duude thnx...but none of dis will work in saudia..ive tried..:|...

naheee wooorrrkkeeeeeeedddd!!!!....ufff...duuuddee...i had tried thousands of proxxyyy sitess...but finallee foundd onee..hahahaha...take dat king abdullah..=P!>>.

Hey.... Nabeeha... some sites are blocked in my company's servers... do you have any way to bypass them?

Try using proxies.. If they don't work .. than try entering the IP of the site .. Even if that doesn't work than you can try using a net cafe .. ;)

umm do you think they will not ban ? :P

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