Friday, February 06, 2009

All Rapid Share Hacks


Rapidshare has a policy which says that

" Every free account must be teased to its limit unless it gets frustrated and compelled to buy a premium account "

Well rapidshare, its not the case here. We people don't spend money to download stuff. We can just hack some ways which can give us enough privilege. So in this post i will show all the hacks of rapid share including search , premium link generator and turning the time off and the limits off.

Top 55 Rapid Share Search Engines.

Rapid Share Premium Link Generators
Rapidshare Timer Hack

When the timer starts paste this in the browser adress bar

javascript:var c=0;

And anything at the c=N where n is the seconds left.

Rapidshare Download Limits Hack

I have written about a list of working proxies before. But we know that it doesn't work with proxies. Rapidshare uses javascript which is disabled in proxies. So the best way is to change your ip by requesting a new one from you server.

Changing You Ip

Type Cmd.exe in the rum command.
Enter the following commands one per line

ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew

And your done.

Another idea is to disconnect and than again connect to your internet. This can change your ip address.

So now you can enjoy the facilities of a premium account user with a free account. And other than that i can't hack premium account for you and give them up for free. It won't give me anything but my own premium account banned.

So try these and if they work for you than very good. And as usual no technical users will get errors so they can freely ask me.


This is the most awesome post i have ever seen for rapidshare accounts... Love you.... Thanx a lot...

Have to rate you above the sizlo guy :)

Hey thanks these are really good :D

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