Sunday, February 01, 2009

Increase Dsl Broadband Speed


This sounds pathetic but its true. Just by changing some of your settings you can actually increase you Dsl speed. It effects both the download and browsing. but your upload will get slower as the priority will be given to the download a browsing.

This is usually used by the Download Accelerators and video accelerators which suck out all your bandwidth and give the priority to the relative thing.

This trick is for windows only. Works on mine so very sure that it will on yours. If you are about to start than close all applications because you will have to restart your Pc after wards.

Finding out your IRQ

Generally IRQ can be found at your system information by running Msinfo32.exe in the run command. Click hardware resource and Look for the NIC ( Netword Interface Card ) and note the IRQ next to it.

If you are using windows xp 2003 sp 2. This might not work because updated sp2 has a lot of bugs and it doesn't open the msinfo32.

The other way is to open your Device manager by running DEVMGMT.MSC in the run. Than choose the Netword adapters, and expand it, there will be two or more adapters installed. There may be a wireless and Lan adapter. Leave the wireless if you are using Lan and right click on it and click properties.

Now click the resource tab note the IRQ.

If you are Using Usb modem than in the device manager, expand the Universal Serial Bus Controllers and open the properties of the root hub. If there are more than two than you need to decide which one is being used right now.

Add the Irq line to System.ini File

Now when you have done this run SYSEDIT.EXE in the run command. There will be about 4 windows opened, close them all and only leave the system.ini file.

Now press Ctrl + f or manually search for this [386enh] it will at the end i guess.

Immediately after this line add the following

irq N=4096 where N is the Irq number you noted. and 4096 is the amount of data to be stored in your Pc in a certain time.

Now click the file tab and save .

Now restart computer.

You can experiment amount of space other than 4096 to get speed increase.

Bug In Windows Vista: If you are a vista user than try this to save your notepad file.

Software to this all for you

Here is a good connection accelerator ( Zilla connection Accelerator ) It not only make changes to this file type but automatically detects the IRQ and a lot other setting which will boost your connection speed. Downlaod Here.

( This software comes up with additional system safeguard with it. First Zilla Connection Accelerator will install and will ask you to install system safeguard also. Just cancel it even though if it tells you that it wont work properly without it. I wastes a lot of time installing system safeguard and the zilla connection accelrator worked perfectly fine without it )

I'm 100 % sure that it works try it and give some feedback.


This is awesome.. It was easy for me coz my system info opened right away.. so i skipped all that IRQ finding thing

Yeah it works!!
Thanks Nabeeha!!

Good info!

After tweaking these settings, you might want to increase your torrent download speed.

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This is useful & very easy process. Good blog. I chk the internet speed from speed test & came to know that the speed is very low. By the way i searched for the same only. This blog gives me an right choice.

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