Monday, May 11, 2009

Password Hacking With USB or Flash Drive


Hacking is becoming one of the most interesting hobby for the teenagers. Maybe you all want to hack your friend's passwords and tease them or probably just for impressing your friends you want to hack there passwords and usernames.

If you have access to there computers or any computer you can actually get all the saved passwords from a computer in a notepad file.

Just download this file and unzip it. Then copy all the stuff in it in a USB drive and your done.

Procedure :
  • Copy all the files in USB drive
  • Plug in the USB in the targeted computer
  • When the pop up appears of opening the USB
  • Click " Scan For Viruses "
  • This will activate all the pass hackers in the USB in totally stealth mode and no one will know that there passwords are hacked.
  • You will find the passwords in separate 5 notepad files containing the Msn passes, Firefox Passes, Internet explorer Passes and other saved in the USB.

Now enjoy hacking passwords for free.


OMG... This actually works.. Thank you very much for sharing..

Thanx.. Write some more articles.. i wana learn hacking..

Wow Nabeeha..... It works... I can use this to store all my passwords... hehe... thankx.

It was looking fun, until I downloaded the File...

But thanks to my BitDefender 2009, It canceled the downloading telling me the file has Trojan!

I scanned with Both AVG and BitDefender 2009 and they both detected it.

Hellooo It has got VIRUS in it!

So Guys who have downloaded this file.... "get an antivirus and if you have it, UPDATE it!!" :p

@Author - Upload the cleaner version plz, I need this thing ! :)

Well .. the file uploaded is double checked by 5 different Pcs with Avg, Kaspersky and Bitdefender 2009 with original keys.. I don't take risks.. So i want to give you a clean file ..

Firstly no Antivirus will detect this file as its in Rar format. Secondly you may have read above.. This code is programmed to show you the threat.. So when you will press the scan for viruses link.. It will activate all the software's in the stealth mode.. That means you won't see them working..And you'll get the passwords..

If there is any anti viruses other than these ..They might catch it as its an activity that is not normal and anti viruses may detect it as a threat..

But I'll give you my word on it that these files are clean .. the software's used are also clean.. My pc is clean..

If you still are not convinced.. you are welcome to find some other way.. But don't accuse this to be a trojan..

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